Testimonial List

Julia Fong

“I was introduced to many versions of success at Adventures. What I took from hearing everyone speak to us was a respect for variation (genetic and otherwise). Now true success means something different to me. While it could mean being well paid and well liked, I find that my interpretation of success is different than others. So why follow indifferently down their paths, when I can blaze down my own?”

Julia Fong, ’14
Tan Scholar
Marymount High School Class of ‘16

“I was so inspired and so motivated to really prepare myself for the bigger world that I will be exploring soon…”

Rebecca Shin, ’12
Feld Scholar
Princeton, NJ
Rutgers University ’17

“I was thrilled by all of the amazing artists, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, Noble Prize winners, cartoonists, athletes , and many other careers that shared with us their stories about how some persevered, and others stumbled into success. I have never been more motivated to continue doing the things that I do in my community. I have never felt empowered to be a success in the world, until I came to Adventures.”

Ty’Ronn Spriggs, ’11
Ferguson Scholar
Washington, DC
Alabama State University ’15

“Adventures of the Mind exposed me to creative and innovative ways to live life to a greater potential. Initially I did not know what to expect but I came with an open mind to all the opportunities the program had to offer. I am glad I did so, for I have bonded with phenomenal mentors, met life-long friends, and obtained new ideas that will enhance my way of thinking.”

Adrianne Batiste, ’09
Tan Scholar
Oakland, CA
University of San Francisco ’13

Adventures of the Mind is one of those experiences that will stick with you for a lifetime. The friends and memories I made, the insights I gained, and the opportunity to pursue knowledge in such a unique environment, are all things that only this program can provide. I wish every high school student could participate in this summit, but I feel very lucky to be an official Adventurer.”

Kevin Grover, ’09
Washington Scholar
Missoula, MT
St. John’s University ​’13


“After meeting all these extremely successful people I am really encouraged and have actually started to believe that the sky is not the limit.”

Riana Shah, ’09
Llewellyn Scholar
New York, NY
Swarthmore College ’14