Past Camps

2015 Camp @ Rosemont College

In 2015, students gathered at Rosemont College to mastermind with our mentors and learn real Steps to Success to reach their dreams. Mentors included Igor Tulchinsky, Founder & CEO of WorldQuant, Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin, Terry Garcia, Chief Science & Exploration Officer at National Geographic, Amy Tan, Best-selling author of the Joy Luck Club, and Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Paul Muldoon. Our popular Hackathon and Chessathon returned and proved to still be student favorites. To gain more inspiration and knowledge our students ventured off campus by visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center. Other off campus activities included a custom-built college fair at the University of Pennsylvania which allowed students to explore 12 local colleges in one setting!

2014 Occidental College

2014 Camp @ Occidental College

President Obama attended his first two years of college on the Occidental campus in Los Angeles.  Oxy hosted the 2014 Camp Adventures first week-long summit for 192 students from across the nation including 9 from around the globe.  Student sponsor Kathy L’Amour welcomed to the distinguished faculty of mentors Novelist James Ellroy, computer pioneer Alan Kay, and Obamacare technologist Jini Kim. Highlights included a tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Paleontologist Jack Horner interviewing Richard Taylor, a Nobel prize winning physicist.

2012 Camp @ NYU

In 2012, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, nearly 100 teens gathered at New York University and Liberty Science Center for our first non-residential Adventures of the Mind. Forty-two Mentors shared their life stories with the students. The all-star roster included Creator and Chairman of Kickstarter, Inc., Perry Chen; CEO of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle; Poet Laureate, Rita Dove; neuroscientist Leslie Griffith; novelist Walter Kirn; and the Editor-in-Chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Deborah Needleman.

2011 Camp @ The University of Montana

In 2011, we discovered achievement under the Big Sky thanks to the generosity of our hosts, Dennis and Phyllis Washington, who brought us to Missoula. The 2011 Adventures Camp was the largest gathering of Nobel Prize winners in the history of Montana, and celebrated the legacy of American heroes Lewis & Clark.

2009 Princeton

2009 Camp @ Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University

In 2009, students got to walk in the footsteps of Albert Einstein when the Camp met at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Our hosts, renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, who joined the Institute more than 50 years ago, Princeton mathematician and MacArthur Fellow Ingrid Daubechies, and Charles Simonyi, software pioneer and two-time space traveler, were among the 52 mentors. Others included 12 Nobel laureates, two poet laureates, and three astronauts.

2007 Camp @ Morehouse College

The alma mater of Martin Luther King, Jr., in Atlanta, was the site of our 2007 Camp.  Another alumnus, Morehouse President Walter Massey, who has made his mark as an educator, physicist, director of the National Science Foundation, and chairman of the board of Bank of America, was our host. Students met Isaac Newton Farris, Jr., MLK’s nephew, toured The King Center and enjoyed a private tour of the High Museum.

2005 Camp @ SLAC and Googleplex

Our Camp was based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and the Google headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. It was hosted by Nobel Prize winning physicist and former director of SLAC, Burton Richter, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and novelist Amy Tan, who introduced the students to the world of discovery and innovation.

2003 Chihuly Studios

2003 Camp @ Chihuly Studios

Our inaugural 2003 Camp took place in Seattle and was co-hosted by two remarkable local pioneers: Dale Chihuly, the artist who transformed studio glass art into the medium of complex, large-scale glass sculptures and environmental art; and Nathan Myhrvold, founder of Intellectual Ventures, a private company devoted to the business of invention, who himself holds 18 patents and who also is a prize-winning nature photographer and a prize-winning chef (from BBQ to French cuisine).