American Ballet Legend Jacques d'Amboise '09 improvises a dance with student scholars and shares his expertise with young achievers.
Perry Chen '12, Co-Founder of Kickstarter
Mentor Markus Dohle '12, CEO of Random House Publishing
US Senate President pro tem Patrick Leahy, '05 & Google founders Sergey Brin '03 and Larry Page '03.
Ben Huh '11, Cheezburger CEO and Internet Culture Connoisseur.
IAS Host Chairman Charles Simonyi '03, Philanthropist, High-Tech Pioneer & Space Traveler meets a student scholar.
Heisman Trophy Winner & Entrepreneur Herschel Walker '05.
Student sponsor Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn '05 and her scholars at MLK Center in Atlanta.
Nobel Laureate Murray Gell-Mann '03 along with students & Charles Simonyi '03.
Montana Host Chairmen Phyllis & Dennis Washington '03 and Student sponsor Kathy L'Amour '03.

"Adventures of the Mind is like the TED conference, but with amazing high school students."
-Murray Gell-Mann, 1969 Nobel Laureate in Physics

Have your child join over 200 of the top high school students from across the country, as they take part in the premier achievement mentoring camp.